At Eric Smith Associates we believe that effective communication is at the heart of our success. We work in partnership with our clients to achieve realistic outcomes specific to our client’s environments and budget constraints.  We provide practical assessments of what’s attainable within the available timescale and identify potential barriers to successful implementation of solutions to eliminate them altogether or at the very least, minimise their negative impact.

We offer the full range of preventative and assurance solutions for the food industry and statutory agencies;

  ●   All food safety assurance and HACCP system components

  ●   HACCP / BRC / EFSIS / ISO / SALSA accreditation  

  ●   Risk mitigation and product recall

  ●   Product development and innovation for the meat industry

  ●   Supplier auditing

  ●   Health & Safety in the workplace

  ●   Fulfilling retailer and supplier requirements to win product approval

  ●   Risk mitigation and effective crisis communication strategies

  ●   Practical support in implementing formal and informal environmental management systems

  ●   Compliance management

  ●   Expert technical advice (legal cases)

For advice on how we can support you with any of the above, call us on 0161 713 0300 or email us at


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