Client Services



Consultancy and research offerings in the following areas


Troubleshooting and crisis management for food importers, the meat industry and statutory agencies embracing: Project management; product isolation and recall; handling communications with FSA and environmental health agencies; identification of corrective action strategies.


Meeting food audit standards (BRC, EFSIS, ISO): Covering a range of food safety, project management; audit preparation; gap analysis of current documentation, system and procedures against published standards; implementation; staff training; evaluation and monitoring.


Fulfilling retailer and supplier requirements to win product and supplier approval covering auditing, specifications and complaints systems.


Product development and innovation for the meat industry to meet consumer trends and profit maximization objectives.


Independent auditing and authoring of corrective action protocols.


Multi channel communication strategies to improve employee awareness on key messages


Conducting impact assessments for new clients to look at how effective systems and procedures really are in relation to meeting pre defined objectives


Expert witness work and provision of technical advice to inform research in legal cases



People development


Delivery of certificated in house and open courses at all levels in food safety, HACCP, health and safety, risk assessment and stress awareness


Design and delivery of bespoke tool box talks, seminars, workshops and training courses covering a range food safety, quality awareness and employee health and wellbeing topics to meet the needs of technical, professional and non technical employees


Consultancy and training support on people development issues for senior management and human resources professionals working in the food and allied industries


Coaching and mentoring of key technical personnel in new business start ups/ growth environments in the food and allied industries