Eric Smith Associates Ltd will seek to help clients by working in partnership to achieve a realistic outcome.We believe that effective communication is at the heart of our success as we believe it is unrealistic to expect that the desired outcome will be achieved without an investment in establishing and sustaining an effective dialogue between key project stakeholders.



Eric Smith Associates Ltd operates on 5 guiding principles



1st – Common understanding

We seek to ensure that there is a common understanding of what a client is looking to achieve before any solutions are offered.


2nd –Truly customized service

We will always deliver a service and solution that is specific to the needs of the client and the environment in which they operate i.e. we will not simply transplant a “best fit” from elsewhere


3rd – Realistic assessment

We provide a realistic assessment of what’s possible to achieve within available timescale and budget based on years of practitioner experience of actually putting theory into practice.


4th – Proactive approach

We identify potential barriers to successful implementation of solutions and plan to eliminate them altogether or at the very least, minimise their negative impact.


5th – Holistic view

We believe in taking a systems view of the world. We don’t’ just consider a problem or issue in isolation, but where appropriate we take a holistic approach in any problem setting.